The mighty sprawling Himalayan range lies to the north of India and its expanse extends to the far east of India’s geographical boundary.

The snow capped peaks , the glaciers, the verdant valleys , the gurgling rivers and mountain streams along with the variety of flora changing with the gradient , makes it a veritable trekker’s and hiker’s delight.

Treks through the Himalayan ranges that pan Leh-Ladakh , Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal , Kumaon , Garhwal , Sikkim , Darjeeling and Assam, offer a mind boggling diversity in realm, terrain and levels of toughness, along with breathtaking different views and changing scenery.

We attempt to give you the memorable and highly popular Markha Valley Trek ( Leh-Ladakh region) and Singalila Ridge Trek (Sikkim region) in a series of itineraries and related information that would follow soon.